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Rachiel Vasquez

I’m passionate about building websites. It all started when I’ve worked as a technical support for a domain registrar/webhosting company for about 2 years, part of my job there was to troubleshoot our customers’ website issues, and it felt like this one was really meant for me! Then during that time I took a short course about web development. I was amazed of how much cool stuff a web developer can do with just a notepad! It’s all brand new to me, html, CSS, javascript, actionscripts, dreamweaver, PSD files, wordpress and many more.. Though it was really overwhelming for a newbie like myself, I didn’t stop! I bought my own hosting plan and domain, and continuously playing around with it and experimenting online, they were pretty awful at first but its just getting better.. I would never stop learning, in my busy schedule, I always make sure that I should be watching an online tutorial or the like and try do the same on my own server.. Web developing is something I can do as a hobby ( for life )! This is not a job for me at all! I’m continuing to improve more and more! One of these days my portfolio will standout and I’ll be one of the successful freelancers out there!

Just to show you what I did to learn more about building websites, here’s the certificate I’ve earned by enrolling for a short course in web development.

Certificate of Completion in Web development

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